Are we collapsing?

The theory of empire collapse- the city of Detroit has mostly fallen. The larger an empire is the more spectacular is it’s demise. The buzzword for today boys and girls is decentralization. I spent 30 minutes listening to the author of “America 3.0” speak about the need for America to rely less on government and think of new economic structures. He had me thinking he was non biased until he mentioned the ACA- but then I thought about other Keynesian critiques of the ACA and kept listening. 

Uh oh now the lawyer is saying his job is indispensable unlike manufacturing and healthcare. 


OK I think the US should be made smaller- the regions are SO different and I am sick of Idaho having a voice in Florida politics. Hey Idaho and Wyoming if you want to destroy your environment with frac go ahead but I am watching my state sink, lose biodiversity, and condos destroy the natural barriers at beach access points. 


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