Do you expect me to be happy in a world full of lies

I guess like you I should shut my eyes and be blind

Let you keep your piece of mind I will never be at ease

All the filth corruption and disease how can you let it fester and rot

Ruled over by 10,000 despots

Turn Top Chef back on you never got me and you never will

Before you leave pay the last light bill

Snort up another pill

Shoot your way into peace I will never need your release

I expect nothing and I am never disappointed

Expect nothing and you can always be surprised

I am sorry politics bores you

Your mindless self indulgence disgusts me

Rolling over for the world I abhor

how could you be such a fool as to think it could be you I adore

Shallow narcissist stupid bore borderline

personality disorder lexapro eating whore

Yes I need to listen to the news cause even cowgirls get the blues

I expected nothing from this and I was not disappointed


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