Ayn Rand is the mother of “Bro-Grammers”.

After reading an interesting piece called “The Bacon-Wrapped Economy about the tech millionaires proliferating throughout the Bay Area I had a few random disjointed thoughts that I hope to coalesce later but some initial ideas about our extremely heterogenous society and how this contributes to our lack of unity and the fact that we are doing poorly internationally on education measures in comparison to ethnically homogenous and less religious countries.

First thoughts the new wealth- to me they sound like Ayn Randian nightmares. Bro-Grammers oh my. They are white, male and mostly hetero with no guiding ethos except that they think they are entitled to wealth due to the work that OTHERS did before them,

But they are progressives? Time to back this bitch up a little.

As a mother of 3 children ( two on the ASD spectrum), female, Caucasian with a side of Sicilian, low income, daughter of a single mother and now a single mother I am more representative of American social values than the average bro-grammer. They took our jobs! That should be the rallying cry of the low middle class college grads who aged 25-38 years old. We had no idea that CODING- fucking CODING would take over the economy and leave smart jobless people begging to work at Wal-Mart. If I were smarter I would move to Silicon Valley and open a cigar/coffee bar, a hummus eatery, and a brothel.
We need a redistribution and I don’t disagree with the Kickstarter model. I don’t expect “Microsoft Medici’s” because they aren’t fucking Italian. Italians have a very ingrained cultural affect that honky ass white bro-grammers can never get- you help those that can’t eat because it is what is right. Being benevolent is part of boosting your capital socially and politically. It is doubtful that this new wealth class will succeed for long because they are not “giving back” which since Rousseau has been an assumption of the social contract. When I have something I give because I believe that you or someone else may help me in the future. Altruism is a basic human and animal behavior to promote generosity. If altruism in the purest sense is non-existent then we have an endemic sociological decay occurring in real time.
I don’t disagree about the symphony and ballet being elitist. Rather than decry their overall value why not use some of your nouveau riche wealth to make them equal. Buy symphony tickets for a entire 6th grade at a low income school and post the pics to Instagram and build your social capital. You need values and ethics to live correctly- I first learned about Immanuel Kant’s Logic when I was 25 and sort of dating an IT guy. He taught me the value of extrapolating logic to my knowledge of politics and history. The mind meld I had fantasized about since reading Asimov’s “Foundation” series was born.  Learning to be a psychohistorian is not easy. But I am learning every day.

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