Poverty Porn and Subliminal Messaging

The idea of FCKH8 is appealing at a cursory glance- gay, and straight people speaking out against hate. Hoever it becomes painfully obvious that poverty porn ( a picture of sexual imagery next to a picture of starvation/death) is designed to subliminally influence our perceptions of a message. Personally I have NO CARE at all who or what people do or do not sleep with, love, or marry as long as children are safe. I support human rights- I understand that elements of the LGBTQ community feel that fighting for marriage equality is the most important issue but I think that they are allowing a minority of fundamentalists to dictate how they feel about themselves. 

Anyway I never like the idea of a kid cussing and trying to act tough in a video to sell items, I am not a bully, and I support human rights for everyone. I am straight so I feel that I should not be so critical of this site but the offensive portrayals of African American women, gay men as sex objects ( no clothes on), and the mockery of trans people makes the message of FCKH8 confusing to me as there is no intellectual framework. http://www.fckh8.com/Videos_ep_49.html

I have often wondered what the anti bullying agenda is about? Does it mean that bullying is this rampant? Are christian fundies turning kids into defacto nihilists ( these kids have no CLUE what rational or thinking atheism means so I am of the opinion that they are most closely affiliated with moral nihilists in their ethical framework), is Macklemore an LGBTQ icon?  More on this when my ADHD self remembers

War on women continues- FEMINISM means action

As a single mother I know this means we are on the brink financially. We make up 70 plus percent of the minimum wage work force and the Walmart effect on retail wages has especially damaged women’s earning power. A Woman’s Nation gives the basic non wonky outline of how we can start to RECLAIM our power on decision making. WE need reproductive freedom, economic policies and wage equality.