I have never watched the Oscars- and I don’t need to

On the list of my priorities watching the Oscars is somewhere between making a toile pillow and tearing a hamstring. The Oscars are a pageant of vanity and absurdity- almost all of what is wrong with American “culture” can be summed up by the extravagance, the frivolity, the lack of profound or sincere sentiment and the lack of wrinkles on any woman under the age of 65 ( when it is ok to have wrinkles in Hollywood). The drama is created and the actors are real people whose only demonstrable talents include the ability to read, look attractive, and play make believe. These are talents I can see at my local playhouse and enjoy more thoroughly than the clap trap cliched movies Hollywood produces.

I don’t need to watch the Oscars- people who get paid too much for being our version of royalty received trophies for playing make believe. I have never watched this worship of wealth parade. And I don’t need to.

Tabula Rasa


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