Ripped from the Headlines: Romance Novels Highbrow Media’s Blindspot

To me romance novels represent days when I was exiled to grandmother’s with no library nearby and none of my own literary collection to peruse. Instead I was reduced to reading Harlequin novels. I quickly saw a theme by the fourth book- these women were almost raped by the hero the first time they had sex! What in Hades was this genre? Quickly I also deduced that the hero had to have money or some type of farm or inheritance coming to him, the heroine had to be a virgin unless her husband had died very tragically after only one night together or some other nonsense. Virginity and beauty and long hair ( much to my dismay again) were all prized. No wonder romance is the step child of literature. With all of the cliches and annoying tropes. I suppose we all need escape though. Even if it is from grandmother’s house..

Becoming: a 4th wave feminist who respects her foremothers

Although I have a college education I am not an academic feminist. I just began to read women’s studies books that were not written from the political science perspective. If there are waves of feminism then I guess I am a 4th wave feminist. I respect the work done before me- but i want a matriarch guiding me in the stormy seas. I am a poor single mother, not queer, not middle class, I don’t hate men but I hate the fact that men portray women as vapid dolls, I don’t think sluttiness helps me reclaim anything and I am pretty sure that until we have a female presidential candidate that does not have the nickname “Caribou Barbie” or “Abortion Barbie”. 

Ripped from the Headlines- Doxxed and Internet Babes

I read an extremely disturbing article on this morning about “Doxxing” and the fetishization of women online. Rather than exhibit faux outrage I will merely say that stalking is stalking and if we continue to gawk and watch our world grow ever more hostile than we will see this facet of cruelty both online and in our daily “real life” interactions.

The girl in question looks maybe 17-19 to my old eyes and it is sickening that she cannot enjoy a day at the Olympics without being subjected to various forms of perverts and stalkers. Before the internet you had to work harder to check out hot babes. You actually had to go where they are physically located. Now the tyranny of distance is conquered and Friedman’s “the world is flat” garbage is real. Now men can stare at a Russian hottie via the AP wire.

Progress? Doubtful..

Is outrage productive?

Often I wonder if as I feel my blood pressure rise while watching the news is my outrage worthwhile? Or am I being carefully manipulated by a system that I understand? As my outrage stays within myself and immediate circle I do not that it is not productive. Instead I should challenge the status quo through writing, thinking, and disbursing ideas. Even in the most rudimentary form writing and even commenting on stories is a a way to resist control of my emotions by external forces and instead think of productive commentary and analysis that moves my vision forward. 



Talking/Walking Dead

LOVED season opener of Walking Dead except:

1. Commercials every 4 minutes

2. Carl’s weak arms ( kid do some dips and lat presses before you venture off alone again) 

Now why does the Talking Dead feel the need to explain the allegory of Michonne’s scenes. I figured out that the woman in the herd with the dreads “represented” Michonne’s fears of already being dead and her hacking up of 20 some odd zombies showed she had the strength to survive this world. Also glad to know my hypothesis about the origin of the pets was confirmed (she knew the guys). But I hate when shows dumb down and explain everything started happening Season 3 of Mad Men and annoyed me.